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Xbox Marketing Mix

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Marketing Mix Repot


Competitive Environment

 Must compete with other game console with major two being Sony Playstation3 and Ninendo's Wii.

Economic Environment

 Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite $399.99 (luxury)

 Microsoft Xbox 360 $199.99 (value for $)

Technological Environment

 Interest in home theater/multimedia has need for game consoles with multimedia hub.

Legal Environment

 Concerns about sexual and violent games are creating the threat of regulation.

 Obesity is a social environment of Xbox 360 gaming console that is a heavy topic in today's society. Exercise is becoming more extinct as kids and teenagers today elect to spend hours a day ideal playing gaming systems. Microsoft recently teamed up with charity foundation to deliver Xbox 360 kiosks to children's hospitals across America.

Target Market


 Attract the hard core male gamers ages 15-34.


 Attract the women who live with male gamers by incorporating multimedia features.


 Brand name: Microsoft Xbox 360

 Manufacturer: Microsoft

 Label: Logo reprises the original Xbox's bright green motif, and the circle reflects the 360 concept.

 Social Responsibility: violent and sexual games

 Product Positioning: Microsoft use a video game and entertainment system that integrates music, picture, games, and movies to put the consumer at the center of the experience.

 Pure good product

 Customer product class: shopping good product

 Competitive edge: Joytech's official Xbox 360 endorsement, which I sa designer/manufacturer of third party accessories.

Product Life Cycle

Maturity stage

 Demand: leveling off

 Sales: leveling off

 Competition: Strongest

 Cost: lowest

 Profit: max

 Product:



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