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Xyz Firm

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Toronto, Ontario

Dear Ms. Smith,

My desire to join the XYZ Firm stems from its reputation as an innovative thought leader that partners and collaborates with clients to deliver lasting results. Attending the information session confirmed my resolve to be a part of XYZ's dynamic team. I am excited by your culture of professional development and commitment to employee success that is consistently demonstrated through your apprenticeship model of learning, and your generalist-to-specialist approach to career development. A solid analytical background combined with excellent interpersonal skills will make me a strong addition to the firm. I am confident that my dedication to growth and personal development, my enthusiasm and resolve and my strong communication skills will be an asset to XYZ's team and will drive results for clients.

I readily accept challenges. This summer, working as a Analyst at a firm, I successfully established myself in the foreign culture and city. Professionally, I assumed a leadership role on three projects spanning distinct industries. These projects exposed me to the various roles of consultants, from examining the opportunities for a new product, to increasing the efficiencies of an existing product, to redefining the direction of a weathered product. In the financial sector, I conducted independent best practice research to provide a process for new product creation. In the steel industry, I analyzed and deconstructed market research to optimize the firm's competitive position. In the professional services area, I collaborated with client teams to create a focused marketing strategy that I presented to company stakeholders. This breadth of experience will allow me to relate to clients, understand their business issues and create feasible and lasting solutions.

I am a natural leader and take initiative, acting as the founding President of the Ivey Law Society. I collaborated well with peers and created viable solutions for clients producing $12,000 in savings as a pro-bono consultant for Meals-On-Wheels. I have been recognized by peers and teachers as having excellent interpersonal skills, earning the Community Partnership and Leadership Awards as well as the Female of the Year Award (Toronto District School Board, 2002).

I am attracted to the field of consulting because of the collaborative and challenging nature of project work that draws on a broad array of experiences and skills. I am thrilled at prospect of building a successful career in consulting and would be a valuable addition to XYZ's team. Thank you for your consideration. I greatly look forward to meeting with you to demonstrate my abilities and discuss my potential role at XYZ.




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