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Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research Paper

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Marketing Research Paper

Monica Bertrand


June 20, 2012

Andrea Benjamin

Kudler Fine Foods is a specialty food store located in San Diego, they have three other locations. Kudler specializes in bakery goods, meats and seafood, produce, cheese and dairy products, and imported and domestic wines. Kudler prides themselves in delivering customer satisfaction, thru their sales and marketing strategies. Kudler continues to increase their profitability by providing good customer service. According to Kerin, "The firms that gain loyal customers by providing unique value are the essence of successful marketing". (Kerin 2009) This paper will state the importance of marketing research, strategies, and tactics. This paper will also analyze the importance of competitive intelligence and analysis regarding the development of Kudler Foods.

Marketing Research is a study that obtains records and gathers data concerning consumers, the market, and the competitors. In marketing research a business plan is created where new products and service ideas are developed. When a company uses marketing research it allows that company to research on product sales based on age, gender, location, and income. In this process it allows a company to target areas so it can identify strengths and weaknesses. According to Kerin, "Although marketing research isn't perfect, it seeks to reduce risk and uncertainty to improve decisions made by marketing managers". (Kerin 2009) Kudler has been in existence since 1998 with three other locations, LaJolla, Del Mar, and Encinita. According to Perreault marketing research is "procedures that develop and analyze new information about a market. Marketing research may involve use of questionnaires, interviews with customers, experiments and other approaches". (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy 2009). Kudler must maintain their market research if they plan on maintaining their success and expansion of new locations.

Kudler conducted a survey in 2006 and 2007 and found that customer service personnel were becoming un-courteous and this resulted in customers not being satisfied. In that survey it gave the company feedback that could help for future situations. If they had not conducted this survey their business would have decreased. This is a very important element on Kudler's marketing strategy and tactics that will assist in their development. Customer satisfaction must be a priority if strategic goals are obtained. There are other tactics and strategies Kudler provides that brings more sales and customer satisfaction. Kudler also provides a catering service and they advertise by flyers. This business can gain popularity


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