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Management Overview - Kudler Fine Foods

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Essay Preview: Management Overview - Kudler Fine Foods

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Overview of Management

Kudler Fine Foods is an organization that was established in 1998 in La Jolla California by Kathy Kudler. Kathy has managed to expand the organization from one store to three with the assistance of her staff over the past decade. This essay will show what the primary functions of management are and who is responsible for each function, the technology and Internet that Kudler Foods uses and the effect if has on management, and an example of the five forces from Porter's model.

Primary Functions of Management

The primary functions of management used in the Kudler Fine Foods organization include planning and strategizing, organizing, and leading and controlling.

Planning and Strategizing

Kudler Foods is continuing to grow and change with the environment and competitive landscape, requiring continued assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to plan and strategize for (Gomez-Mejia, 2002). Kathy Kudler is the founder of Kudler Foods and president of the organization. Kathy is the individual for all management of the organization and encourages input from her management. Kathy determines what direction she wants the organization to proceed in and works with management of each location to ensure the goals and mission of the organization are met. Kathy believes through education, information and facilitation the company will be successful.


Organizing specifies how the organizations human, financial, physical, informational, and technical resources are arranged to perform tasks to achieve desired goals (Gomez-Mejia, 2002). Kathy Kudler is responsible for arranging and coordinating resources among her management staff to complete a task. Store managers and directors of divisions such as Finance, Accounting, Operations, Administration and human resources oversee staff and answer directly to Kathy. All staff should work in coordination with one another to plan, arrange, and operate to ensure the desired goals of Kudler Fine Foods are met.

Leading and Controlling

Leading involves energizing individuals to contribute his or her best individually and in cooperation with other individuals through communication, inspiration, examples, guidance, and encouragement to achieve maximum success (Gomez-Mejia, 2002). Kathy shows leadership for her employees by working side-by-side with them in the stores, and communicating with staff on any issues that may arise within the organization. This communication may come through management or directly from Kathy. Kathy believes through a healthy work environment and encouragement the organization will be successful.

Controlling involves measuring performance, comparing performance to objectives, implementing changes, and monitoring progress through feedback



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