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Kudler Fine Foods Marketing System

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Kudler Fine Foods

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Kudler Fine Foods, Marketing System

The beginning of establishing a successful market system is in the information that will be used to establish the company's business statement. Several factors must be examined to ensure the customers that any given company wishes to attain. First, analyzing the location of the company and the demographics is important and continuing to gather necessary information will be the greatest challenge to a company. Kudler Fine Foods will create a detailed marketing system that hopes to establish the loyalty of the store's customers, but also hope that the system will create a word of mouth advertisement that will create an excitement among the public that will generate more loyal customers.

A local high end specialty food store in San Diego, CA that is becoming a local favorite is Kudler Fine Foods. Kudler has three stores that are reachable to the public and all three stores are located in a high end shopping center. The location of the stores are in Del Mar, La Jolla and Encinitas and with each store there is familiarity for the customers, which is why each store is roughly sixteen thousand square feet. This is so no matter which store a customer wishes to shop for groceries; every time one steps into a store the isles are nearly identical to each store, this is to create familiarity with the customer. With the best imported and domestic produce, deli, baked goods, seafood and great quality meat and dairy products; Kudler Fine Foods seem to be establishing a new standard to home cooking (ApolloGroup, 2011). Kathy Kudler, the owner of the Kudler Fine Foods has almost like clockwork opened a new store nearly every two years with the first store opening in 1998, the second in 2000 and the third in 2003 and if the store continues to reach this level of success Kudler Fine Foods may be heading to becoming a franchise community store (ApolloGroup, 2011).

Kudler Fine Foods now wishes to make the next leap to establishing further success and to accomplish this K. Fine Foods now wishes to raise the level of consumer purchases. To achieve this K. Fine Foods will focus on improving the store's operations by becoming efficient with the day to day business operations. Kudler Fine Foods has an ultimate goal that the organization wishes to establish and that is to one, increase each store's customer service. 2, Create further loyalty with the customer, which would lead to profit abilities hoping that by successfully completing one and two Kudler Fine Foods, will be able to expand the store's services to other communities and cities.

The marketing department for K. Fine Foods has established some ideas that will create foot traffic and at the same time establish the loyalty that the store wishes to have with the consumer. To do this K. Fine Foods will host parties that will help the consumers of the store learn how to make special entrées and by teaching these delicacies K. Fine Food will also host contest that will highlight the customer with the best cooked meals that are taught at these parties and the winners of these contest will be rewarded with high valued prizes (ApolloGroup, 2011).

In addition to creating healthy growing customer communities Kudler Fine Foods will also create a system that will help track the buying patterns of the store's current and future buyers. Kudler's will create a rewards membership account for customers and establish a point reward system by establishing the status of each customer's life time sales. Kudler has a current database now, but the current system only determines the available products in the store for the store's inventory. By establishing any given customers buying habits, Kudler will be able to target a group of customers if a group pattern develops.

Kudler Fine Foods has aggregated over ninety thousand dollars to prepare the current Kudler employees to analyze the information that will be gathered by the new system that will be implemented to help understand customer



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