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The Rural Bank of Rizal

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        Change exists because new knowledge has been acquired. This change then leads to development which is an act of growing. In every field that we belong, there is always a room for improvement not to be perfect but to learn something new that could not only benefit ourselves but others as well. We have to enhance ourselves in order for us to be a better person. The more activities we are up to the more we learn new things.

In relation to The Rural Bank of Rizal or RBR.. To be able to survive in an ever changing and competitive banking industry, it is very important to make something different. What is focus now is the quality of services being provided in order to gain customer satisfaction.  Part of The Rural Bank of Rizal’s mission is to provide services at the right attitude- the way RBR people interpret the things around and the way they relate to others. Providing a good quality services comes from how HR thoroughly examined their people, how they provide different trainings, seminar and most especially on how much they value their relationship to each other. RBR sees all its people as assets and that should be treated equally with full respect because they believe that each people are part of the other people. This has become the greatest challenge of the Human Resource Department on how they may able to cope up with the changing environment that affects much to their people and most especially to their new applicants.

        The HR together with the corporate governance are now in the process of hiring someone who did not have a complete set of skills but displayed the right attitude rather than an applicant with the perfect skills and experience but lacks the right mindset. Most applicants now are in the millennial generation and it is believe that these individuals are influenced by the new society that is why RBR are challenged. They are challenge on how they provide innovative procedures in dealing with the development of their people. Top of most plan of RBR is to build an innovative culture and part of it is motivating their employees to share their creative ideas. With this, boundary between employees and top management are removed so that each employee can think deeper. Another is through giving enough number of days of new training techniques for their newly hired and continuous trainings to their employment not just to enhance their knowledge but to expose them to the new learnings.


Best ideas may not be realized in RBR if it wasn’t delivered clearly. Therefore, it is better for RBR especially the HR department to invest in innovative programs in order to bring new ideas. There is a need to build a strong innovative culture through a continuous innovative workshop that does not only apply to the needs of the company but also those workshops that can influence the attitude of individuals. RBR employees should be taught on what to do with the good ideas they have gathered.


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