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Investment Banking

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Essay Preview: Investment Banking

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The aspect of the research that I've found it easy is the area of research. I'm sure from the beginning that I want to research about investment banking as it's one of my future career aspirations and also I'm interested in the field of Finance. However, I've faced many obstacles during the research process. I had many difficulties when defining my topic. My initial topic was "how does investment banking operate and to what extent does investment banking interact with the government in comparison between market and planned system?", however, there are too many ethical considerations with the government interaction part as it involves with confidentiality. Therefore, I refined my topic to "how does investment banking operate and why does it play a significant role in the capital market?" The topic is more approachable. I also found a bit hard to conduct an interview with someone who investment banking operations as I don't have any contact with any investment bankers.

I planned to use both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. I planned to research on internet first to find articles, reports and data. I also planned to go to the Barr Smith library to find relevant books about investment banking operation. Interview was also a very important section for my research process. To interview people who are working in investment banking would give me great information about my topic. Overall, I followed my research process plan well. I've found a lot of useful information online; Wall street journal and the Australian Financial Review websites were two very good sources. Also, I used my free time and borrowed a book called "inside investment banking" in Barr Smith library. My dad has helped me with the interview. I was lucky to have a chance to interview his friend who works as the CEO in Olympus Capital Holdings Asia. The interview was very beneficial to me as he told me a lot of specific information about the industry which I won't find on the internet.

Yes, I have produced enough relevant information throughout the research process. I have gathered information from different ways such as internet, library, journals, conversations and interview. I have got both objective and subjective information, factual, statistics and data.



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