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Yem Technology Pty Ltd - Business Process Management

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Table of Contents

1. Background Introduction        2

2. Current Business Process        2

3. Case Study        3

4. Might-be Plan B        4

4.1. Technical Support        4

4.2. Vendor Control        4

4.3. Quality Control        5

4.4. Delivery Control        5

4.5. Installation/ After-sale Labor Control.        5

5.Conclusion        5

1. Background Introduction-About YEM Technology Pty Ltd

YEM Technology Pty Ltd commenced operation in early 2015 and is a subsidiary of Jiangyin Yiyuan Equipment Installation Pty Ltd. YEM Technology is currently engaged by CITIC Pacific Mining to provide the Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance services to the Sino Iron Project, at Cape Preston, in Western Australia.

Jiangyin Yiyuan Equipment Installation Pty Ltd, based in China, is a market leader within the professional maintenance of mechanical, electrical, instrumental and hydraulic equipment. In addition, Jiangyin Yiyuan Equipment Installation is also involved in the installation and commissioning of mechanical, electrical, instrumental and hydraulic equipment; the testing and commissioning of high voltage equipment; and integration, installation and commissioning of automated systems.

With strong support from its parent company, YEM Technology Pty Ltd plans to replicate their success, by implementing a similar equipment maintenance model into the Australian resources industry, by utilising the advanced technology, experience and management systems of Jiangyin Yiyuan Equipment Installation Pty Ltd.

2. Current Business Process

As mentioned, YEM Perth mainly focus on providing the mechanical and electrical equipments’s installation and relevant maintenance services to the Sino Iron projects in Western Australia and relevant four core processes and following-up specifications are covered as below:

  1. Approaching Projects

  1. Industry reputation (80%)
  2. Media (20%)
  1. Bidding
  1. Budget consulting
  2. Schedule estimating
  1. Practical processes

(1) Technique support

(2) Equipments availability

(3) Labors Training

(4) Tools Preparation

(5) Implementation

(6) Quality Control

(7) Inspection

  1. Project Closing
  1. Conclusion
  2. Lessons learned
  3. Margin analysis

YEM headquarter locating in Jiangyin,China is one of the experienced tech-service supply experts in the industry. With the reputation, YEM has worked with some local governments together on some government-owned projects, which in returns gives YEM more coming orders stably.The overall business process is complete, yet as discussed with the management, the “Bidding” part is always a crucial part, especially for its branch in Perth(set up in 2015).

This proposal will concentrate on breaking down the “Bidding” into practical parts and figuring out a might-be plan B.

3. Case Study

Here below comes up with a practical job YEM Perth has been worked on, coverin

Job Title: Design, supply of steel works and installation for the new Fine Screen-magnetic elutriation building Option 1-Local sourcing.

3.1 Scope of Work:

3.1.1 High level Engineering design of building layout-for CPM approval

3.1. 2 Detailed level Engineering design of steel structure and CPM approval

3.1.3 Supply of steel structure to site from local supplier

3.1.4 Installation of concrete footings-including stripping and restoration of existing footings

3.1.5 Engineering and survey support throughout construction

3.1.6 Installation of steel structure

3.1.7 Tie-in into existing structure including modes and relation of cable tray

3.1.8 Installation of mechanical component fittings to structure

3.1.9 Provision of all mechanical component fittings to structure

3.1.10 Supply of all pipeworks, hoses,gaskets and fitting

3.1.11 Installation of all pipe supports

3.1.12 Installation of all pipe works

3.1.13 Equipment inspection and testing, supply and install of 300mm cable ladders

3.1.14 install and supply of 25 mm 4c+E cable from generator to control panel

3.1.15 Connection of any trailing cables and test

3.2 Exclusion:

3.2.1 Commissioning is not part of this SOW

3.2.2 Assembly of mechanical equipment(i.e Screen) is not part of this SOW

3.3.3 Generator

3.3 Client Free Issued Equipment and Materials:

3.3.1 Access to overhead crane when required


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