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Bpo (business Process Outsourcing) in India

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Essay Preview: Bpo (business Process Outsourcing) in India

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When talking about the future and the outsourcing industry, India is a force to be reckoned with. There's no doubt that in the near future India will be one of the world's leading economies. India is modernizing mostly because of the outsourcing industries. It has given the people of India many opportunities to advance their daily lives as it was shown in the DVD 1-800-India.

The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is the main reason cities like Gurgaon is advancing today in a rapid pace. This process has affected many people, mostly women. Women's place in Indian society is not what it is here in the United States or Europe or any developed country. Women are considered inferior to men in terms of making a living and running their family. Most women tend to be housewives and just take care of the house and their children. However, now because of the BPO and westernization, women are becoming aware and are standing up for themselves and proving themselves that they can do anything.

One of the companies in Gurgaon which changed many lives is the call center. Firstly it created a lot of job opportunities for everyone and secondly the job doesn't require much from them. One of the ways how women are advancing in India is through this company. More than 50 percent of the company's employees are women. This just shows how much the role of women in India has changed.

In the remote places of India, parents are not happy if a girl child is born. One of the reasons for this is that most of the marriages that take place in India are arranged. In arrange marriages there needs to be a mutual agreement between the parents and their child and if you have a daughter, the grooms family asks for dowry which is a payment that they have to give if they want their daughter to get married to the groom. Most people in the remote areas are very poor and cannot afford this. But that is also changing as more and more women are showing the society that they can stand up in their own feet and take on the world and it fulfill its demands. Santosh Kohli is one of the girls who was born and was unwanted, but she showed her parents that she is not worthless. She works at the call center and makes decent amount of money. She is one of the main people in her family who makes a living and their family is run by it.

In rural parts of India, if a women works, it seems odd, but that mentality doesn't exist in the cities. Working women are the main source of income in some families. Mina Varma is one of the girls who runs her family. Her mother was not used to her working night shifts at first and would stay up nights worried about her, but now she is getting used to it. As like every mother, her mother is also worried about her daughter getting married as she is pushing into her 30's. In India the average girls marries at about 19. Renuka and Swapnil is another couple of different beliefs that got married. Swapnil's parents had a problem because Renuka was a Hindu and Swapnil a Jain, but he married her anyways. And now they are one of the examples of people living how they want to in India.

Ekta Jaiswal is another girl who is living her life the way she wants to. Because of her family problems, she is living out with her friends/co-workers. Girls living alone don't settle well in Indian society let alone a girl living with a guy and that too before marriage, but she is one of the examples of how women are challenging the traditional thoughts.

The male population



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