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Business Process Modeling Notation

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Essay Preview: Business Process Modeling Notation

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1) When we talk about the comparison of both the cartoon characters there stands a vast difference between the two, as one is a cigarette mascot and the other is a fast-food restaurant mascot. As we all know cigarettes are injurious to health so their comparison with any food item stands nil.

Ronald McDonald should not be eliminated as it is McDonald's USP and one of their major success factors. It attracts kids which covers major portion of its customers. Moreover you see in every outlet of MC Donald's there is a statue of Ronald, people sit next to it and click pictures.

Thus eliminating McDonald's will be a bad idea as people's perspective change when they see, parents are forced to enter McDonald's by their children when they ever see a statue of Ronald, in the case of camel they are undergone many controversies regarding there logo and finally have changed in after the protest of July 1997.

2) The French government proposed an fantastic idea for the well-being and healthy living of the people and posing the people of France that the government not only cares about their present but also for the pleasant future. Moreover, the government wanted that the young generation of France should know how important is a proper diet and how one should be healthy. Thus involving McDonald's in doing this was their fantastic idea been the biggest fast food chain people will be aware of staying healthy.

McDonald's should opt for health messages because there will be no reason for adding extra expenses on their ad's budget rather some health related messages like "drink lemonade instead coke" somewhat like this will show there concern for their customers and not also customer will portray them that they not only do business but also cares for the customers health.

They should also introduce some less or no fat content products and name them as healthy products. This is what I feel McDonald's should do rather paying taxes.

3) If there is no proof over falling rates of obesity than the companies need not take any action over the increase of the obesity rates as despite of the company not advertising for their products people are still consuming the same resulting in no proof of reduced obesity. Thus the issue need not be looked upon.

4) McDonald's in UK is facing an image problem which created with its start in the USA since then McDonald's is treated as a junk food which makes you fat and obese.

The rising of obesity rates is yet another problem which has drastically increased after the year 1995. Changing logos can't help McDonald's to change the way the people look at it.

The other problem which I figured out was the marketing campaign which was different in UK and USA, US had much more market



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