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Analysis the Same Safe Practices of Kingswood Country Club and Dynasty Club

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Analysis the same safe practices of Kingswood Country Club and Dynasty Club

Safety documentations

For the safety documentations, both of two clubs are also have their own Operation Manual to manage or deliver their facilities or services. Checklist and Documentations like patrol checklist and incident report will be used to ensure the staff complete their work and record details of an unusual event that occurs at the clubhouse. Those helps to improve club’s safety.

Safety facilities

For the safety facilities, they broth provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks security service check at the entrance of the clubhouse. Also, they will have some CCTV and patrol of staff or electronic to ensure every place of clubhouse are safe and prevent theft. Moreover, they have some fire safety equipment such as an automatic sprinkler system, a fire hydrant and hosereel system and the provision of fire doors to handle the fire. Last, their children playground broth are all set upon impact absorbing mats to ensure a safe paradise for children.

[pic 1]  [pic 2]

security service                             CCTV

[pic 3]  [pic 4]

      fire safety equipment        impact absorbing mats of children playground

Different safe practices between two clubs

Kingswood Country Club

They have mosquito control. The management office has installed two ’mosquito magnets’ in their garden. Also, they will be spraying of chemicals in swampy areas and drains regularly to prevent any larva present.

[pic 5]

Dynasty Club

They have provisions of qualified and certified trainers, coaches and lifeguards to the quality and safety of their interest classes or training courses.

        [pic 6]

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