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Star Gazers Club in Apeejay Nerul

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Essay Preview: Star Gazers Club in Apeejay Nerul

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Star gazers Club was first introduced by our visionary Principal Sir. The objective of our club is to create awareness & interest among aspiring students in the fields of astronomy & extra-terrestrial objects in the universe. We are given opportunity at periodic intervals to observe stars & planets with specialized astronomical telescope during cloudless nights in our open school ground.

Our principal delivered introductory lecture during the opening session followed by viewing mighty Jupiter by every participants of the club. It was indeed a novel experience as we are familiar with the photographs & painting of planets & stars of universe but not viewing them with our own eyes. All thirty members were divided in three batches of ten each & were allowed to observe constellation of stars, moon, Nebula etc as per predetermined schedule for four times in a year.

Our club also arranged Barometer, Rain Gauge, Hygrometer etc which added new dimension to viewing experience. We do keep systematic records of our viewing experience, analyze them & draw conclusion through books, internet & guidance of teachers. This practice is handed down from current members to future members & it throws light on mysterious & unanswered questions.

Our honorable Principal Mr Rakesh Joshi incubated the concept of Star Gazers club which was put into operation in the year 2010.The club started functioning under leadership of Ms Shabana & Ms Sonali Ma'am who are guided by our Principal Sir from time to time.

Thus Stargazers club created immense interest among students participated in large numbers in general & who planned to pursue career in the field of Astronomy in particular.



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