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Management Information Systems

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Management Information Systems

Assignment – 1

Agarwal Ruchi Sanjay

Popular E-commerce websites in India are, Myntra,, snapdeal, jabong, flipkart, paytm. Biggest categories in terms of sales in india are electronics and apparels. Online travels, mobile/DTH recharge are other popular categories. In recent years, India has seen a rapid growth of internet users and speed and safe online transactions and is still rapidly growing. The ease that e-commerce brings with itself for buyers is one of the reasons for its rapid growth. Safe and secure payments, ease of internet access have created many business success stories. However with the growing opportunities and profits for the businessmen and entrepreneurs, there are several challenges these business groups face. These challenges include E-Infrastructural Issues, Branding & Marketing, declining margins, Logistics & Supply Chain: Logistics failure in any area can mean detrimental damage to a startup’s future etc.

Although the consumers enjoy shopping online, some issues that have are:

  • Security issues
  • Credit card fraud
  • Lots of options
  • Easier to compare prices
  • Easy to access stores
  • Lack of personal touch

The E-commerce trend is here to stay. With increasing technology advancements, online shopping will only become easy and transactions secure. The scope for online business in india is enhanced by the following factors:

  • The availability of cheap internet connection and facilities.
  • Encouraging COD (cash on delivery) in the country where people use credit cards reluctantly.
  • The government’s step towards digital India has brought internet facilities to rural places. Consumers in rural areas are an untapped potential for ecommerce business.
  • Increasing use of mobile technology has made it very easy for marketing products and ordering products at one click. – Started as an online retailer of books has grown into a superstore for every small and big need. It offers key features such as easy searching and ordering, useful product information, secure payment options and easy order fulfillment. It has enhanced its business models and infrastructure over the years. It has been rapidly growing its market in the developing countries. The e-commerce website employs different algorithms to identify its customers and provide them personalized experience on the website such as suggestions based on their earlier orders, coupons and better deals. These all require IT expertise and engineers. Hence, demand for IT professionals in the market is increasing. Also with increasing number of start-ups, opportunities for tech-enthusiasts are beaming. Commerce giants like Amazon and flipkart also require a layer of managers to manage all the task at hand – and hence employment opportunities in these companies are available in abundance. Also, Amazon in the initial stages of its expanding business had realized the importance of quality and on-time delivery and hence,


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