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Business Information Systems Management

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Quiz 1

Business Information Systems Management

Max Marks:  10                                                 Time: 10 mins

1 mark for the right answer

Circle the best choice

1. Systems that help in pre-specified reporting for managers can be categorized as

        A. Operational Support System

        B. Management Information System

        C. Expert System

        D. Content Management System

2. Which of the following forms an essential component to provide a holistic view of the process to create a product or service.

        A. Systems Thinking

        B. Feedback

C. Input- Process- Output


3. _________________________ is considered mostly to be semi-structured

A. Explicit Knowledge

B. Implicit Knowledge

C. Tacit Knowledge

D. Embedded Knowledge

4. Which of the following is false for the different dimensions of knowledge management

A. Knowledge can be considered as a firm's asset

B. Knowledge can be found in a person's head

C. Knowledge is non-sticky 

D. Know-how, craft, skill can also be called knowledge

5. Knowledge network systems fall under which of the following broad categories of knowledge management systems

A. Knowledge work systems

B. Intelligent Techniques

C. Enterprise-wide Knowledge Management Systems

D. Expert-Knowledge Systems

6. Which one of the following systems is considered to fall under the Intelligent Techniques category of Knowledge Management Systems

A. Case-Based Reasoning


C. Learning Management System

D. Augmented reality

7. Which of the following intelligent technique can help detect a fraudulent transaction

A. Fuzzy Logic

B. Distributed design

C. Neural network

D. Genetic algorithms

8. Ideally, in which one of the following would CSF that measure effectiveness would be the only metric used for evaluating and supporting decisions

A. Operational Decision making

B. Transactional Decision making

C. Strategic Decision making

D. Managerial Decision making

9. According to Mintzberg which are the three broad managerial roles

A. Nerve center, Disseminator, Spokesperson

B. Informational, Decisional, interpersonal

C. Figurehead, leader, liaison

D. Entrepreneur, disturbance handler, negotiator

10. _______________is characterized by setting right goals and objectives and ensuring that they are accomplished

A. Knowledge Management

B. Effectiveness

C. Systematic thinking

D. Business Intelligence

11. Which of the following statement is false

A. Measuring Efficiency is easier than measuring effectiveness

B. Success in effectiveness would contribute to efficiency

C. Efficiency metrics for IS measures the performance of IS itself

D. Conversion rates and Financials are considered to be effectiveness metrics for IS

12. Which of the following statements is incorrect

A. Models help managers in manipulating time to make decisions

B. Decision Support Systems take inputs from Transaction Processing System



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