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P&g Management Information System

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1. What kind of business-level strategy is Procter & Gamble pursuing

P&G is currently pursuing a Global Standardization at the moment. Prior to a global standardization market P&G previously employed An International Strategy.

The benefit of Global Standardization Strategy is that the products marketed are standardized worldwide, therefore the costs of the product is reduced, due to the economy of the scale.

Since all the activities of production and marketing happen only in a few places, this strategy comes in inefficiently when the need for a quickly response is increasing.

3. Why were some collaborative technologies slow to catch on at P&G?

Some of the new technologies that P&G were trying to introduce were incompatible with the Microsoft infrastructure and IT systems that were already in place.

When this occurs, there has to be a work-around. When an employee sees that there is going to be some type of issue with something new that's being introduced, there's going to be a certain amount of resistance to it.

They are hesitant to stray systems that are currently in place that works. Because taking time a cost into consideration it is very expensive to implement a new system, especially if initially that system is faulty no one would want to switch away from a working system

5. Why is telepresence such a useful collaborative tool for a company like P&G?

Telepresence is a video teleconferencing tool that can allow individuals or companies to collaborate with each other from countries apart may worlds apart to, thus it allows P&G to save lots of cash.

P&G's is a global company with various products and so its employees are based worldwide. Before VTC technology came around, employees would have to consume part of the company's budget to attend meetings.

Allocating funds for Airfare and hotel rooms are very costly for a company and systems, such as Telepresence, save the companies like P&G money in travel expenses.

Employee quality of life is also positively affected because they get to spend more time with family than constantly travelling.




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