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The Connection Between Rock Garden and the Environment

Autor: Celia Yadav  •  January 6, 2017  •  Essay  •  451 Words (2 Pages)  •  264 Views

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The Rock Garden of Chandigarh is a unique, not to forget, a new and different approach to develop our environment. Mr. Chand had created these masterpieces (sculptures, designed items) using daily house-hold items, industrial waste and disposable items such as plugs, tiles, broken bangles, other metal scraps and discarded articles. As we all know, our environment is the most vital aspect of life and is a growing social concern. Therefore, the reason behind this particular creation was keeping in mind the growing crisis and various problems of the environment. And true to its purpose, Mr. Chand has beautifully presented a safe, well-balanced, environment friendly garden using environmentally enhanced technique  for future benifits and a completely harmless yet evolutionary  space for the world to see. This garden portrays a new and improved method of conserving and preserving our environment. It showcases the blend of material things with nature, moulding humanity with nature. Utilizing this new technique can save and enhance our environment, most important of all bringing longetivity for the ecosystem and even for mankind! Who knew garbage could transform into something so beautiful! This ingenious creation has changed the face of not only our nation but the world on the whole. The spectacular Rock Garden has truly produced a wide impact and deeply affected people, striking their conscience. It has generated awareness among people to give and ask for a helping hand to preserve our rapidly degrading environment. The response it has garnered is still unbelievable. Till today, it is being popularly discussed and has encouraged, motivated and inspired thousands of volunteers to transform the current situation of India. It has also received international acclaim and inspired artists to create replicas of the Rock Garden.

It raises the question of how serious are we as humans, how much importance we give to our God-gifted environment and how far will we go towards protecting it. It is our responsibility to look after our environment and let no harm come by it. A small idea of a rock garden by a common man has proved to be one of a kind in the world. By the end, it depicts the relationship between man and nature and has opened a whole new world for mankind to take a new step towards change.    



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