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Business Environment Discussion Board

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When I was searching the internet for an article on business I ran across an article called "The Risks in Planning and Running a Business." This article talks about the risk in planning and running a business. It also, provides information that money does not do everything. A person alone has to do work and try to make his or hers business successful. But if a person just sits and wait for his or her business to run by itself it wound not work due to no management as well as no instructor who makes things work. It is important to manage the business and to make sure that everything is running in the right direction.

Business is not all about money it is about time a person puts in as well as him or herself. "Usually, businesses operate in cycles and as such, there's a vital need to continuously review your business plan as well as to reinvest profits into the business. Reinvesting in business is not easy especially in the early stage when it is not making a profit but businesses do require reinvestment of the profits earned from time to time" (Russell M, 2010). When a person starts a business he or she wound not get the profit right away it would take time and some work in order to get that profit. That's why it is important for the person to think about before he or she begins a business. He or she should ask a question if he or she is up to what he or she wants to do in the business and would it work.

This information was interesting because it provides some great tip as well as questions for people who want to start a business or already did. It also, provides example of people who started a business but gave up because it was going to slow in the beginning.

My comment to an author is that he did an excellent thing by posting this article for people to read and get some tips on how to run a business and not to give up to fast but try harder!


Russell M. (2010). Ezine articles: The risks in planning and running a business. Retrieved from



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