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Devices Use to Connect Network

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Devices use to connect network/ internetworking device

Various devices are used to connect network of a computer The most common devices are:

1) Routers

2) Gateways

3) Repeaters

4) Bridges

5) Hub


Routers are devices which connect two are more networks that use similar protocol. A router consists of hard ware and software.

Hard ware can be a computer is specific device.

Software consists of special management program that controls flow of data between networks.

Routers operate at a network layer of O.S.I model.

Routers use logical and physical address to connect two or more logically separate network. They make this connection by organizing the large network into logical network segment (some times small sub network or sub nets). Each of these sub nets is given a logical address. Data is grouped into packets or block of data.

Each packet in addition to having a physical device address, has a logical address. The network address allows routers to calculate more accurately and efficiently the path of the computer.

Advantages of Router

* They use high level of intelligence to rout data

* Routers can also act as a bridge to handle non rout able protocols such as NetBEUI (Network Bios Extended User Interface )

Disadvantages of Router:

* High level of intelligence take more processing time which can effect performance

* Routers are very complicated which installation and maintenance difficult.


Gateways are devices which connect two are more networks that use different protocols. They are similar in function to routes but they are more powerful and intelligent devices. A gateway can actually convert data so that network with an application on a computers on the other side of the gateway e.g a get way can receive email messages in one format in convert them into another format. Gateway can operate at all seven layer of OSI model. Since Gateway perform data conversion so they are slower in speed and very expensive devices.


Repeaters are used within network to extend the length of communication.

Data process through transmission media in the farm of waves or signals. The transmission



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