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How I Would Change the World

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How I Would Change the World

By: Abby Brown

There are a lot of bad things in this world. Everything’s different from how they used to be. I’m going to tell you in this paper how a few things on how I would change the world. I’d change people and dogs. I’d also get rid of cancer. These things are important to me.

First I’d change people. People treat people badly for a lot of reasons. Sometimes they’re jealous. Sometimes people just feel bad about themselves and they take it out on other people . Sometimes they do it because they think it's funny. Some people are just mean for no reason at all. I’d change people by making them never be mean beacause half of the time they don't know that they're doing and just hurt people’s feelings. Instead of being mean, people would encourage each other. I would also make pople more energetic and hardworking at what they do. Wheather it’s being the best at a sport you play or doing your homework, people that are my age are so lazy when it comes to those things. They want to be good at what they play but they never want to practice, and if they do practice they don’t try hard. Neither do they bother to study or do their homework half of the time. I’d make people un-lazy because I think they’ll regret not giving it their all in the future. We’re not just going to wake up and be amazing one day, we have to work for it.

The second thing I would change in this world is dogs. I’d let dogs be able to talk and live as long as humans. I’d do these things because I love dogs and tons of other people do too. They’re the only thing that’s not mad at you when everyone else is. They love you no matter what. I’d love to be able to talk to dogs and see what they think about humans and everything going on in my life. Dogs die too fast. They only get about 13 years. They deserve to live as long as humans because they’re our best friends.

The third thing I’d do in this world is get rid of cancer. Cancer takes thousand of lives each day. Little kids and babies die of cancer and never get to grow up. I feel like everyone should get the chance to graduate from high school, complete their dreams, fall in love, grow old with someone, and make the most amazing memories before they die and without having the fear of dying. Some of the most amazing people die of cancer undeservingly. Cancer is one of the things that make people lose their faith in God; but then again, many things do.They think “why them? why would God do this to them?”. I know it’s all a part of his plan though. Even though lots of people live through cancer or become cancer free, it’s still not good to have all that pain and fear.

Like I said a lot of things are different now then from how they used to be. There are more sicknesses and people aren't as good. I hope you've enjoyed


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