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Determined to Change the World?

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Essay Preview: Determined to Change the World?

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The world back then in the 17-1800's may have been worse than what the world is made of today, but we can still try to improve things that are still in the present. There may have been plenty of violence and regrettable mistakes, but with a few fixed traits, society would be greatly improved. We need to help prevent racism, avoid high dependency, and increase chivalry.

Racism has played a big role in American history and modern day times. Slavery was introduced to the Americans in the 1600's. Some people took advantage of this and others didn't like to think of them as slaves. Instead some people thought them to be their wives, friends, or husbands. Years later, blacks have gotten a bad reputation from the past because of how low-class they were compared to the whites. To this day, people are still making racial slurs to offend people. There are other races such as Asians, Irish, and Mexicans who are being humiliated, but being teased for being black is more popular. If we were to fix this problem, there would be more respect towards blacks, help people feel more equal, and break stereotypes. 
 Another way for people to make the country feel more equal is to increase chivalry. Chivalry show characteristics of courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and able to help the weak. Basically everything a knight and shining armor would look like to a woman's eye, or maybe even towards the gentlemen. For example, rap music in the 90's use to sing about how much their respect their wives or their mothers. Everything has switched around for the majority of the music of today. Words like 'bitch', 'slut', 'fag' and even more foul language to describe another gender. National statistics say that the last recorded data in 2012 of people committing suicide was almost 40,000 people in the U.S. They also say what led them to suicide was the lack of love and respect. Other things that went along the lists were family problems and living in the past for too long. If chivalry was encouraged more respect towards people would increase and depression would decrease as well.

We as a culture depend on too many things and/or crave attention. In the past, we have jumped into so many bandwagons that may or may not have been true or reasonable. Such as the program Stop Kony 2012. Stop Kony was based on a conflict that was going on in Uganda, Africa where a man kidnapped kids and manipulated them to become part of his armed force full of children. What people didn't think through about was that the producer was making money off of supporters that bought their kits to 'stop Kony' and Kony wasn't in Uganda anymore and his army decreased in numbers in the year of 2012 according to CNN and residents of Uganda. Stop Kony was brought along through youtube that influenced teenagers more than any other age group and the video reached to about 50 million views. Jumping into the program of Kony is



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