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How the Middle Ages Changes in History Impacted World History

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Essay Preview: How the Middle Ages Changes in History Impacted World History

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The Middle Ages changed a great deal throughout time. The changes that occurred between the Middle Age through curiosity and exploration had a significant impact on world history. There were many events that helped the changes of the Middle Ages such as how man changed view of himself, view of god, and view of the world. Also, in this time period, there were many changes in the arts, such as artistic styles and an increase in literacy. During the Middle Ages there were various conflicts and solutions that helped this era to be successful. There were two major systems: feudal system and manorial system. These two systems impacted many individuals at this time period. New ideas flourished during this time such as enlightenment and individualism. These ideas caused man to become curious and want to know what is beyond what they know. The crusades also helped for these ideas to form. Exploration was one of the largest events that helped make an impact on the Middle. All of these events and concepts showed that the Middle Ages dramatically changed and expanded the knowledge and ideas for the Europeans. This era was one of the greatest achievements for European history.

During the Middle Ages, there were two main systems. The systems, manorial and feudal, were very much alike but yet different. The main difference was that the goal of the feudal system was to provide food and services for all people living in a community, while the manorial system existed to serve the lord of the manor. In both systems everyone preformed tasks in return for rewards. In the feudal system, the king controlled and owned all the land, but was mainly a figure head and had little power. The king would then give the land to nobles who would then give land to knights for their promise fight for him. The knights would offer protection to the peasants who worked the land. Based on this system, each member played a crucial role in the feudal system. These two systems were great ideas while they latest, but then people started to want to explore the world outside the manor. The manorial system was a self-efficient community; it was the heart of medieval economies because it could produce everything ever needed. Under these two systems people existed to serve their lords or the group on the manor rather themselves.

Man's view of himself, religion, and the world changed dramatically between the 600s through the 1600s. Early in the world man viewing of himself as part of a group but lat...



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