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Foh Boh Job Descriptions

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FOH Manager & Assistant Manager

Reports to:

(FOH Manager) General Manger; (Assistant Manager) General Manager & FOH Manager


All FOH (Assistant FOH manger, Maître'd, Servers, Assistant servers and runners)

Works with:

* General Manager

* Assistant FOH Manager

* BOH Manager

* Executive Chef


* Running dining room floor

* Staffing

* Scheduling

* Meet & greet with customers

* Guest coordination

* Up keeping the restaurants "Standards" check list

* Training staff

* Keeping track of maintenance

* Make sure everyone is preforming at their best

* Budgeting with purchasing manager and executive chef

* Analyzing, planning sales levels and profits

* Marketing activities

* Planning and coordinating menus with the executive chef

* Providing the staff with feedback


* Must have a high school diploma or GED

* At least a 2 year college degree

* A minimum of 4 years restaurant experience

* 4+ years management experience



You are the first person to greet the guest. You are our first impression with our guests, you must make it the best experience ever and greet with a smile at all times.

Reports to:

FOH Manager & Assistant FOH Manager


Servers and Bus staff

Works with:

 FOH Manager (Assistant)

 Servers & Bus staff


 Supervises and coordinates activities of dining room personnel

 Schedules dining reservations and arranges parties

 Accommodating customer's needs; while waiting or being seated

 Greets guests, escorts them to tables and providing them with menus



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