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Company Description - Strategic Focus and Plan

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We will develop partnerships with medical professionals to share referrals. Although our marketing expenses are budgeted and minimal, we expect to completely recoup them every fiscal year of implementation. We expect business growth with each quarter, increasing by 4% of market share each year for a five year period. We will then reevaluate the marketing scope and expectations. We already produce a profit, and expect this to grow as new marketing routes are explored. We are a business that has proven functionality, and we expect to make substantial increases in awareness with local consumers, trade publications, media and industry professionals.

Company Description

Our business was founded a year ago in Seattle, Washington with only three therapists on-site. Since then we've grown to a staff of twelve professional therapists and practitioners with a diverse range of services and expertise. Our clientele has steadily grown, and we've maintained an increase in revenue every month since inception. Our therapists customize every service to meet the specific stress reduction and therapeutic needs of each client to promote overall optimum health and well-being. We share the common goal of putting the customer first and creating an atmosphere of serenity. We work hard to craft experiences that encourage positive feedback and referrals. We understand that happy clients will attract the attention of consumers and local media through testimonials. Three of our staff members have been featured in trade publications, our business has been reviewed in two local news papers, and we've had to make an expansion to our building due to increases in demand.

Strategic Focus and Plan

Ballard Health Center's main mission is to create and maintain an environment that caters to the individual needs of our clients; offering a tranquil setting, informational materials, comfortable rooms, appropriate interior design and current instruments. In spite of this we must maintain a profit margin in order to keep improving our presentation. An increase in sales and reoccurring customers will greatly help our mission to continually improve our attraction.


Our mission is to employ the most talented staff, offer the best services to our customers, consistently build new relationships, reach new clients through strategic marketing, and grow with the industry. The Ballard Health Center and Wellness Spa prides itself on outstanding practitioners that custom tailor their treatment to give each client personalized body work. By monitoring industry trends, building relationships with consumers and medical professionals, consistently improving our facility, and ensuring our services are the best in town; we will grow exponentially.



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