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Stand of an Employee Based on His Job Description Essay

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1. As the manager, our output is the satisfaction of our customers by providing good service for them and fulfilling their needs. Also, I will be glad and that our customers will feel comfortable with the act of assistance that we are providing in order to satisfy their expectations about the business and how do things work. Then the activity that happened is, the change of concepts in the transaction of the business and training our employees more helps us to come up with an idea on how to achieve and catch up with the needs and wants of our customers. While the input is, the status of the business is decreasing compared to other establishments which is becoming more popular than ours. Our customers is not satisfied from what we are doing; they are not satisfied enough with our service; and they keeps on complaining about the performance of our employees.

2. At first, obviously, as a cashier, it is really hard to handle the complaints of a customer especially when it is about you, and how do you interact with them. Some customers may think that you are not approachable enough, so that's why they are complaining, but some customers does not react at all. So the output for this is, people around our business including the customers, employees, and even the competitors will be well-pleased about our routine on how to serve the customers much better than usual. Also, it may turned out into team viability and also the satisfaction between all employees, as they are working much harder. Then the activity is, they are planning between employees on how they must do the output right. Also, there are coordination between them and they monitors one another whenever problems may occur, they will be able to resolve it right away. The input is, customers thinks that employees are not approachable and is not working hard.

3. Under his/her job description, she is a crew in a fast food establishment. The location of the work is in the main branch of the establishment located in Manila. His/her immediate supervisor is the manager assigned in the establishment, and other functions, etc. While under job specification, the establishment is looking for someone who is willing and deserving for the job. His/ Her tasks is to fulfill the assignment given by the supervisor as long as it is part of the job description you applied for. As a college student, personally, the knowledge in here is, he/she still have to learn and became aware of the things that could happen within the workplace, especially when it is about themselves. The skills is, if they were able to adapt the skills that a business could have and if they are good at something that they can apply in the workplace in order to make it succeed. Another is the ability, as a college student, since they have learned something and trained for the job, they have the capability to do the work properly and feasibly. The trends that could happen in the workplace is the social media use. It changes the job because some employees start using their personal social accounts to post comments about their workplace. Most employers would love to have their staff promote the company to their networks, but that freedom to post also means inviting the possibility of negative comments and it is not that easy to legally stop them. So in order to avoid this, employees must stop posting mean comments online.



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