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Forensics Csi Case Fbi - Alcatraz

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FBI Case Alcatraz Escape

By Jeff Miah

Alcatraz is a ultimate maximum security prison. This prison was basically like a fortress. It was nearly impossible to escape. The prison was surrounded by cold rough waters of the Pacific Ocean. There was 12 checks a day for every prisoner to make sure they didn't go anywhere. There were so many guards and guards in towers. Escape was seriously impossible. So far 36 men tried and they either died or were caught and punished. But one day three inmates who were brothers, John Anglin, Clarence Anglin and Frank Morris. They planned this for so long and fooled the guards. They used blades and parts from the vacum cleaner to make their homemade drill. They drilled a little room or space to hide their stuff so when they were ready for the escape they'd be good to go. They stole so many things and put it in that space. Like they had raincoats and a lot of materials for their escape. At the same time they were looking for a way out of the building. On the evening of June 11, they began their escape and put dummy dolls with real hair as disguises to fool the guards. In the morning they noticed that the prisoners were gone and the prison went on lockdown but still that didn't help. The agents only found evidence of what they left behind and the brothers escaped... The FBI, Coast Guard, Bureau of Prison authorities and others found more and more evidence and put the plan together. But that didn't help of course because the prisoners were gone completely and no body overseas or in the country could find them. There was a 4th person who aided them in escaping but he didn't make it out. He helped a bit but couldn't provide us with the whereabouts of the prisoners who escaped. Everybody worked on this case for 17 years. So later on this case officially closed on December 31, 1979. They turned over the responsibility to U.S Marshall services which continues to investigate if the trio is alive.



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