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The Media Can Really Overdramatize Crime

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The media can really overdramatize crime no matter what kind of crime is committed. Just like the other day someone had broke into someone house and the person got killed. The media told the story as if the person went inside the house and started shooting and took anything that they could get out the house and sell it. The media tries to make they look good so that they can get a lot of feedback. They know that they have to get stuff that is interesting so that people will watch.

The effect that media treatment of crime has a bad effect on public opinion. The reason that they have a bad effect is because the media twist people words around and make it seem that they have said this or that and they have not said anything like that. A lot of people do not like talking to the media because they feel that they will get things started because if a person does not say this and the media said that they did, a lot of people believes what the media says because they feel that they are always right with the facts and in all reality they do not.

Law enforcement agencies should address media interviews by telling them no comment because or keeping the interview short as possible. When law enforcement talk with the media they need to practice what they will say and how they will say it because it is easy for the media to twist people words around making it mean something that it doesn't. They should limit their amount of questions and how long it take to answer one so that the answer can be short and sweet, and they want have to worry about any mix ups.

The media can help create and reinforce crime myths by stating the facts. Showing what is being done and show how the law enforcement handle crime is a good way to stop so much crime that is going on now in the world. When people know how police will react with a crime they really don't try them because they already know what they consequences will be and what the outcome will be. The media shows and tells us what will happen and makes some people think twice before they commit a crime sometimes.

Law enforcement agencies have crime myths that affect them. Some myths are that traffic officers just write speeding tickets. Speeding is a serious offense. If the police do not do what they suppose to do to stop speeding in the world then more people will end up dead or getting hurt worst. I think that administration should address these myths by stating the facts of these myths so that people know the meaning of these myths about officers of the law. Even though it is hard for police officers they still try and do their job to help protect us and make us feel safe.


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