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Teenagers by the Media

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The main approach to this article is to communicate to teenagers and the wider community how teenagers are being fixated by the media. This is a relevant topic because it is directed at my peers and raises awareness. The key elements are how teens are becoming obsessed with the lives of celebrities and the media, how they shape their lives to mould similarities reflecting their favourite celebrities and the extreme measures they do or are willing to go trough to meet or get the attention of their favourite celebrity. This will link on to the problems this can lead onto such as extreme fixations and obsessions and in some cases extreme mental and physical health problems such as anorexia. I will approach this by gathering existing research and stories of some of the severe things fans have done to meet celebrities. I want the readers to be informed about the obsession teenagers have with social media and how it affects the teens life and the world around them. The story line is going to be informative and relevant to attract young people to want to read it and keep them interested throughout the whole article. A harsh approach will be taken in this article to back up the informative and seriousness of the article. Media students would be interested in this as it is relevant to the subjects they are studying and is a topic of interest. Some images that I could use are a young girl who looks like the stereotypical "nerd" staring at a photo of her favourite celebrity, maybe reading a magazine that has a photo of someone such as Kim Kardashian and the photo has been obviously photo shopped extremely to cover all imperfection. This could lead to a thought bubble with something thought provoking or imaging herself as what she thinks she would look like if she was "perfect"



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