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The Spreading Cases of Delinquency

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Delinquency is a symptom simply because, it is the effect of what the society has been doing for the past years which happened to be reflected by the deeds of these young people, doing bad things which sometimes resorts to inhumane acts.

For the past years, delinquency has become more aggressive in terms of rapid and massive growing of the population of those who are involved and are being dragged by the incidents and events regarding immoral behaviors.

An individual's mentality can be easily persuaded by the mere movements of the agents present in the society and that alone can trigger one's behavior into doing something they aren't suppose to do according to the rightful acts.

The act of delinquency can be seen everywhere. The worst case scenario is that, the Internet being used as the medium of committing bad behaviors towards another, which on the other hand, should be our helping hand in doing something great for the society but instead, it became a house for such wrong doings.

Delinquent people has reasons why they are doing such things. The society must not judge these people for every act has a reason and these reasons alone are very visible to the society's eye yet most of the people has turned their eyes blind and ignored these little things which happened to be the dark side of the society we live in.

Small things matters, and a little compassion for those who needs attention for them to be guided and headed properly on the right doings is just a small portion of what the society can offer for the betterment of the whole nation.


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