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1776 by David McCullough

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Essay Preview: 1776 by David McCullough

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David McCullough

Books Written by David McCullough-

  • John Adams
  • 1776
  • Truman
  • The Greater Journey
  • The Path between the Seas
  • The Great Bridge
  • The Wright Brothers
  • The Johnstown Flood
  • Mornings on Horseback
  • Brave Comparisons Portraits in History
  • In the Dark Streets Shineth
  • Painting a Life: Ray Ellis: an Artist Seen Through His Work
  • Forgotten Heroes
  • Combined Science
  • McCullough


  1. Sovereign- Pope
  2. Constituent- Being part of a group
  3. Ruinous- Costing more than can be afforded
  4. Ingratiate- Seduce someone to get what you want
  5. Debilitated- Weak and infirm
  6. Exertions- Physical or Mental effort
  7. Succinctly- Briefly and clearly expressed
  8. Harrowing- An implement consisting of a heavy frame set with teeth to remove weeds
  9. Hessians- State in West Germany
  10. Fray- Fabric such as rope or cord

Favorite Character:

My favorite character in 1776 is George Washington because he is just someone who was trained by good people and came to the U.S.A. to help. George was just a General helping us get our independence from England and that he did. George was then appointed President of The United States of America for his sacrifice and knowledge, he fought the British to gain his stance. George Washington put so much into what he was doing, he was voted in as General to control our army because John Adams thought he could make be an amazing leader and steer the US into victory and independence and freedom from England so that way we may live freely and believe in who or what we please and not get judged for it.

Part 1:

On Oct. 26, 1775 King George III made a procession in his amazing coach pulled by several Hanoverian horses. George III designed the coach on his own with three cherubim, each one represented England, Scotland, and Ireland, even though he had never been outside of England. The wheels were gilded sea gods that represented England’s dominance over the seas. The entire coach symbolized England’s wealth.

The king’s wardrobe usually was much less ornate. Rather than dalliance at court, he wanted the life of a farmer at Windsor and to be with his wife to whom he was faithful. Some saw him as unattractive and unintelligent, but this wasn’t the case. He was tall with blue eyes and enjoyed music, he played both the violin and the piano as well as collecting art. People adored him. One of the most important men of the age, Samuel Johnson, thought he made nice company. General Nathanael Greene was son of a rich Quaker who didn’t need education therefore Nathanael taught himself how to read and write. He read many books a favorite topic of his was warfare. Though he was a Quaker, he was ready to join war if he was called out. Because he had a stiff leg, he wasn’t seen as a man who could lead troops into battle, so he decided to join the infantry instead. His natural intelligence and talent were above average, however, that his superiors overlooked his weakness and made him Commander of The Rhode Island Army of Observation.



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