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David Response Paper

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David Response Paper

Jacques-Louis David was a major role in the French Revolution as what we would call today an advertiser. His paintings were used to stir up support for the revolution as well as demonstrate what a good citizen does. His Neo-Classical style was known throughout the country. He was the spokesperson supporting a new social order. Later on down the road he would become Napoleon's personal painter giving him an even greater role in supporting the revolution, and making it appear as the better position to hold. David's most renowned painting however is not the one of Napoleon, but the one of Marat's death. Encapsulating the feeling of respect for Marat as a leader of the revolution, and the sadness he felt himself over the loss of this leader.

Marat was known for many different successes and failures in his life through education and the French Revolution. In his earlier years he was a doctor for the court as well as a philosopher. As he aged he became more politically driven, and outraged by the government. He then decided to start a revolution trying to bring an uprising to the people of France. Marat's role in the French Revolution was leading it at the beginning, and getting it going as it was continued on after his assassination by Napoleon. The assassination of Marat was committed by a woman name Charlotte Corday shortly after his acquittal from the Revolutionary Tribunal. The reasoning for his assassination is due to the desire of the Girondin's wanting him to be removed from power.

There are various similarities and differences between David and Caravaggio. Both David and Caravaggio painted scenes for current events that were happening in their world. Along with that they both were unafraid to paint death and the darker images. Their styles however were slightly different Caravaggio was a Baroque Era artist where as David was a Neo-Classical Artist.



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