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1984 Answers

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Why does O'Brien refer to Winston as the last man? Explain your answer fully?

Winston was born, before the period of time where the government began to strictly control everything in everyone's lives and his job is to change history. On a daily basis, Winston is given information to change, so he can change the course of history and make the general public's knowledge whatever the Party wants it to be. When O'Brien refers to Winston as the last man, he is referring to the fact that Winston is the last person alive who remembers how life use to be, and what the truth really is. Everyone else in society has either been raised to not know right from wrong, or has been brainwashed into believing whatever the Party wants them to believe.

O'Brien says, "Yes, right, but so what? You're the only one left who knows this -- you're the last of those "men with the spirit of man," so it doesn't matter. Once we break you, there won't be any way ever for the party to be defeated -- you're the last one who could have done it, and you're not going to last for long."


Describe the class structure in Oceania.

(I) the upper-class Inner Party, the elite ruling minority

(II) the middle-class Outer Party, and

(III) the lower-class Proles (from proletariat), who make up 85% of the population and represent the uneducated working class.

In 1984 there are three distinct classes, like most modern societies. At the top of the class structure is Big Brother, then there is the Inner Party, the middle class is called the Outer Party, and the lowest class is called the proles. The proles, which make up 85% of the population are not under many government restrictions, but in many ways are similar to the slaves. Big Brother and the Inner Party are the minority of all the classes, comprising less than 2% of the population and they are the creators and enforcers of the laws. The outer party is under the strict control of the party and the outer party has many limited freedoms and rights and they are not allowed to show affection, or even think for themselves. The proles are treated as less than humans by the people in the inner and outer parties and although they have the power to overthrow the government, since they have many freedoms already, they do not know that their loves could be much better, so they are content with their living conditions.

Literary Elements

What examples of irony can you find in the novel?

Throughout the novel, there are many obvious examples of irony and contradictory thinking in the minds of Oceania's



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