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2003 Ap Lang Prompt

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2003 AP Language Prompt

        Entertainment doesn’t have the capacity to ruin society. Entertainment is the one thing people go home to everyday. TV shoes, movies, YouTube, and even videogames provide us sometimes with knowledge and its also fun. People will learn better if they’re enjoying their time doing it. Society during these times won’t be able to function the same without entertainment.

        Certainly, entertainment can be a waste of time if children get to attached to it, but children can also gain the most knowledge from it because they attain information much faster than adults. Many youths spend hours in front of the television and computer screens searching for entertainment. This is bad for someone’s health, such as shortening a person’s life span. It can also take from a person’s social life. The time that an individual spends in from of a television or computer, can be used for helping others, spending time with friends, playing sports, and improving relationships with your loved ones. Although, entertainment can make you connect with people around your area, and make you get to know new people. Instagram and Snapchat gets individuals connected with friends and become closer with them. The news is also a very important source to get you notified about what’s going on around the world. Even though entertainment can lead to a bad social life and bad health effects, if individuals spend the right amount of time on it, then it can be a real stress reliever.

Many youths usually have jobs, and after school activities, and they just absorb so much pressure. Nobody should overwork themselves, so it is important to relax and watch television. Entertainment is like an escape route in times where life gets hard. Listening to music every morning can make you start your day off with good vibes. Also, entertainment can include education. There are some educational programs on TV, such as History channel and National Geographic. Entertainment can be a go to when you need to clear your mind, but it also educates others politically and culturally.

         In closing, entertainment can’t have the capacity to ruin society. An individual can release his pressure and stress through watching television ang spending time on the computer. Social media has become a large part of society and people get notified daily about these going on around the world. Entertainment can also educate individuals politically, culturally, and knowledgeably. Individuals stay connected through entertainment. There are many applications on phones can show what friends are doing daily and make you connect with them. Entertainment has become a major part of society.



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