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3p Godiva

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3Ps (international)


Godiva’s main products are premium fine chocolates and chocolate-related products; this includes chocolates, truffles, coffee, cocoa, biscuits, as well as dipped fruits and sweets, among other products. In addition, its license agreements include the production of cheesecake, ice cream, coffee pods and chocolate liqueur (licensemag). In this case, the types of chocolate include dark, milk, white and assorted chocolates. Godiva’s chocolate products are manufactured with high quality ingredients and refined through expert craftsmanship, boasting an elegant taste and a fascinating story. Godiva Chocolatier produces their chocolate mainly in two ways; enrobing and shell molding.

Enrobing refers to process of coating, where chocolate is coated on other ingredients such as ganache, truffles, coconuts or other nuts; this process creates a rich and savory exterior while allowing for  variety in the interior. The result is an intriguing blend of rich flavors. Godiva’s second method, shell molding, is more commonly seen in their products. With this method, Godiva uses a mold which is then poured with molten chocolate to create different shapes of chocolates such as seashells, circles and hearts. (idkaskbee)

Furthermore, Godiva’s products can be separated into three levels: core, actual, and augmented. It’s core

products are the brand name, taste, and satisfaction a customer receives when consuming Godiva’s

products. Godiva’s actual product is its chocolate, the tangible product that a customers see and

consume, while its augmented product or the value added is the customer experience a customer

receives when shopping inside Godiva’s store.


Godiva’s products lie under four price ranges: less than $25, between $25 and $50, between $50 and

$100, and finally, over $100. The smallest box assortment of two pieces of chocolate cost as low as $5.50,

while luxury gift baskets cost as high as $450 (godiva web). The prices vary based on chocolate types,

ingredients, piece counts, arrangement of chocolates, as well as customization. In either case, the higher


Godiva’s year round promotional efforts are mainly focused on its loyalty program, Godiva Rewards Club.

Godiva Rewards Club is a program that customers can opt in to receive exclusive member benefits,

including but not limiting to a free piece of chocolate every month, birthday offers, free standard shipping

for online orders, and other exclusive member only offers. Another aspect of year round promotion is on

personalization. In this case, Godiva allows customers to personalize their packaging, such as the ribbon

color. In addition, an engraved text and/or a personal message is offered if desired. In addition, typical

promotions allow for discount when a certain purchase price has been reached, such as 15% off select



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