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5 Steps to Getting out the Dark

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Essay Preview: 5 Steps to Getting out the Dark

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5 Steps to getting out of the dark

The doors are closed and natures' lights are being dimmed. The darkness creeps over and as it does the night's hands come down upon your head, its grip closes, tightens, trying to squeeze out of you what you've been trying to hold back for so long. The dark curls in through your windows and seeps in under your door. The dark will force itself through the cracks in your walls until it reaches the depths of your secret thoughts. Its hands clench around your head, you feel a cold chill as it climbs through your nose, in through your ears, on its way to your brain, your deepest thoughts, fears and secrets will be revealed to it as it inhibits your dream world, the only place you thought you were safe.

You find yourself lost, immersed in a world of complete fear and darkness. Reality fogged with fantasy. All seems real, yet nothing is concrete. You are NOT in a place of safety. This monster will tug at the very core of your character. You are in trouble... Step one: WAKE UP

He sees what you're dreaming, what you've been hiding. Alone in a field you sit. As you chase lights, words and thoughts, the darkness gets deeper into your head adding your stories to the countless secrets it already holds. The darkness visits everyone remember, once a day, you're not safe from yourself... Step 2: RUN

The darkness smiles as your stories seep out like the sweet juice squeezed from a fresh lemon, to any person it would be sour as no man is meant to know of all of another man's most inner ambitions, desires, secrets or fears. In your head they should be safe. Through the gaps in the bricks of the many streets in your head more stories are lost to the night. In your dream you try run to a place far from home as to hide your tracks. To lead the darkness away from what you hold dear but it doesn't allow you. It pulls you back toy-ingly, teasingly... You can't hide anything from it, the night sees all... Step 3: DON'T RESIST

The night does not pride itself in being a blackmailer. No, it is plainly a keeper of justice. A guardian of the truth. It will shout your secret to the world as it knows the whole world's secrets, you're not being picked on, your past has just caught up with you. The darkness is relentless. The darkness will pull and tug at your heart, not to induce pain but to persuade, not to invoke fear but to unearth your guilt. Step 4: PRAY YOU'RE GUILTLESS

The smaller of souls with her innocent eyes stuck in place, with her sweet smile believes she can camouflage her tales. She is a knitter always knitting as she patches up the holes and tears that would break her blanket that covers her naked truth. She thinks she can defend her thoughts and her evil deeds, but the darkness grabs hold of her, rips her naked. So that she can see herself. Step 5: GET OUT NOW

The way you closed



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