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Steps of Space Exploration Never Stop

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Essay Preview: Steps of Space Exploration Never Stop

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Up to the outer space!

What first comes to your mind when I say the word "outer space"? A tip-top super-shining astronaut, or a futuristically-clothed alien-like Lady gaga? Will it be Neil Armstrong saying his world-famous statement, or Pop king Michael Jackson dancing his world-famous dance moves? Would you prefer a home-made spacecraft Shenzhou 7, or a planet-destroying shuttle from Star Wars? Yeah, we have no idea how much influence space has made on our life. We dream about it, write about it, and when finally human do have ventured into it, a door to a brand-new world opens. Besides the satisfaction of human instinct to explore, it leads to positive social changes, profound scientific discoveries and a future full of possibilities. The space exploration can never be stopped.

Space exploration satisfies human instinct--the desire to explore.People have had the dreams to explore the universe centuries before the technology was available to send people into space. Now, the booming space exploration not only gives us the best shot to expand our knowledge scale to a higher level----the so-called final frontier, but also ensures our later generations a sense of adventure, exploration and bravery.

Space exploration has already changed our daily life. Communication satellites allow instant communication, which easily connects China with U.S, even South pole with North pole. The Global Positioning System on every cell phone or computer allows us to pinpoint our location anywhere in the world. Weather satellites save lives by giving advance warning of possible natural disasters.

Up with the rocket, science is also climbing all the way up to another peak, with the help of space exploration. Some unique features of space, such as zero gravity, provide scientific experiments a condition which can never be imitated on earth. You'll be surprised by the number of the the achievements owing to space when you google it. Besides, the high requirement of manned space missions leads to a burst of scientific products on material, medicine, mechanics and so on.

Space exploration would be a long-term strategy. A manned mission or colonization of other planet might be the only hope saving human beings from environmental problems, nuclear destructions and overpopulation. The continuous emergence of advanced equipments, robust outlook of relating industries and brand-new "universation" would certainly change the whole outfit of human world. Or perhaps we might come across living creatures some day from another planet and end our lonely existence in the universe by greeting those counterparts. (The traveling between planets is as easy as driving on a highway, high-tech inventions are widely used as cell phones and living with aliens has been considered a common practice). That's the future life would be like.

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