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5 Trends in Marketing

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Essay Preview: 5 Trends in Marketing

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5 Trends Assignment

Over the years many marketing has evolved immensely. New trends and ideas have been brought forth and implemented. Some of these trends were only dreamt about some years back. These trends include but are not limited to: Going green, interactive restaurants and retail, mobile marketing, marketing on social media and going smart with numerous products.

Going green is a huge trend among major companies and firms. Many different companies nowadays are heavily donating to the going green cause. Going green is a program which means to live life in a way that is friendly to the natural environment and is sustainable for the earth. Going green is a huge trend nowadays because when a company declares this concept they are basically telling the public that they care about the environment and that draws customer more towards the company.

Furthermore, Interactive restaurants and retail stores are a big technological trend uprising slowly. Some restaurants are now adopting the latest sci-fi toy in their business plan. Customers basically order their meals through an ipad. Also stores like Best Buy are adapting the ipad idea. Best Buy in some parts of the US are testing out a new position called the complete customer care. The employee basically walks around with the customer in the store pointing out the things he or she wants and the associate sends out the order.

Another huge trend on the rise which probably might even be at number one is the mobile marketing trend. Mobile advertising is slowly on a rise as one of the biggest advertising ways. Big brands such as Nike and Zara have their own apps where users may check out new products and also order. In addition to using apps, Iphones and android phones have the option of showing coupons on the screen which can be used at many restaurants.

In addition to, many big businesses and small businesses are turning towards advertising in social networks such as facebook and twitter. There are over 750 million facebook users alone and all of those users get exposed to all the advertising. Even local businesses advertise on social networks.

Lastly, another massive trend that's on the rise is smart products. Smart products include smart phones, smart car, and smart surveillance. Smart phones are now as common as having a beeper in the 1990's--everyone has it. There are many other smart products being invented and out there that I have not mentioned that are made to make our lives much easier that before.



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