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6 Key Success Factors for the Hospitality Industry

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Essay Preview: 6 Key Success Factors for the Hospitality Industry

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6 Key Success Factors in the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry's recipe for success involves several different critical success factors. These factors decide whether or not a hotel will survive in the hospitality industry.

1. Location

Location is the most important aspect when it comes to the success of a hotel. If you're not in the right location, what makes you think you'll attract customers to the wrong location? A hotel located on a highway that is rarely used is going to end up as a hotel that is rarely used. Hotels located near popular landmarks, events centers, shopping centers, and entertainment venues will most likely attract more customers than hotels situated in the middle of nowhere. Hotels placed next to these locations can also charge more money per room than one located on a lonely highway due to consumers willing to pay more for convenience and ease of access.

2. Customer Service

Good customer service is the key to success for any business, but it is especially important within the hotel/hospitality industry. A bad customer service experience can lead to the refusal to return to that hotel or even write up negative reviews, thus preventing potential customers from staying there. But a good customer service experience can push that customer to come back and even spread the word and recommend that hotel to others. Keeping hotel guests happy is one of the main priorities of the hospitality industry. After all, it is the hospitality industry. Simple things really go a long way such as thank-yous in person, or remembering a guest's name. The hotel desk clerk is essentially the hotel gate-keeper; they provide the customer with a first and last impression of the whole experience. Thus, the success of a hotel can rely on the desk clerks' (or any employee's) knowledge of the property, how courteous they are, and the extent to which they can help any problems that arise in the guest's hotel experience.

3. Quality Management

Hotels are focusing more and more on quality management to attract new customers and increase repeat customers. Quality management goes beyond customer service to include additional factors such as employee involvement and satisfaction. Employees need to be knowledgeable about their line of work and satisfied with their job. Meaning, hotels must keep the employees happy to keep the customers happy. One random interaction between an employee and a guest can make all the difference in the success of retaining customers. Not only do the employees need to be top quality, but the hotel itself needs to be, also. A clean, up-to-date, friendly, inviting atmosphere is key for the success of a hotel. Location gets a consumer to stay at your hotel, customer service gives them impressions, but it is the quality



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