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Expansion of the Pig Farm - Critical Success Factors

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Essay Preview: Expansion of the Pig Farm - Critical Success Factors

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1.1 Overview

* The Organization

Farm is a pig breeder farm located in. The business started in 2005. At present, the Farm has about 30 sows in its nucleus herd and hopes to expand thru its multiplier herds. The Farm produces world-class genetic quality boars and gilts for breeding.

Organization Goals

The expansion of the farm is one of the goals of the farm. The Farm is already a big one but it is nothing compared to other farms so the only way to make the business be good is to expand it. The second goal of the farm is too have a good market. As we will think of it, the Farm will be useless if the market is too bad but it's not a big problem because the quality of the meat of the farm is good enough to be easily sold in the market so it's the market's choice.

Critical Success Factors

The Farm must have well-trained helpers that will be the one who will take care of the pigs for excellent quality of meat. Feeds for the pigs and medicines are the most important materials needed in the farm but these materials must be given to the pigs in a right way. An appropriate place is needed for this business. It must be in a good place where the pigs can be safe from any harm and a place where they can relax so that they won't feel stressed out. All these are the critical success factors of the organization that will enable them to survive as a pig-breeding farm that gives good quality of meats for better sales in the market.

Problem Areas

The primary problem of the business is financial problem. It is because of the money needed for the equipments and feeds for the pigs. Because of these financial problems, the business cannot yet expand its livestock. Expansion of the farm needs more risk for the good of the business. One of the most dangerous problems in this business is the spreading of any diseases, that's why the farm is located in fresh forest that is far from viruses. The pigs are a little bit of sensitive to these viruses.

* Business Environment

Corporate Planning Objects

Organizational Units

The departments involved in the different transactions done by the organization are the finance and human relations.

Organization Location

is located in Zone 5. It is a perfect location for the pigs to have because of the fresh air that exist in the farm and its far from dangers like calamities or viruses.

Business Function

The organization's business function includes Production Operations involves the production of every heads(pigs) to be sell in the market. Sales Management which involves the documentation of sales of meat products is daily basis. Inventory and Supplies Management which involves the stock of feeds and supplies used for raising a hog and Human Resources Management which involves employee management, identification of individual employee task, and recruitment. Lastly, Finance and Accounting which involve the daily computation for daily expenses, etc.


 Customer

 Product

 Order Line

 Order

Organizational Chart


General Management Concerns and Treasurer, Auditor and Fund Allocator


Employee Concerns


Development and Center Management


Documents Concerns

* Enterprise Model

Process Decomposition for Production Operations Function

Process Decomposition for Sales Management Function

Process Decomposition for Inventory and Supplies



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