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9/11 Conspiracy Theories

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Essay Preview: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

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9/11 Conspiracy Theories


9/11, in my opinion, was another Pearl Harbor; another date that as President Roosevelt said of Pearl Harbor "will live in infamy". Others, on the other, hand think the government was involved with 9/11. Many people have organized and now call themselves "The Truth Movement." They believe our government was involved in the planning and the commencements of the attacks on the world trade centers, the Pentagon, Flight 93, and the intelligence surrounding 9/11.

The World Trade Centers

After the attacks of 9/11, people everywhere started pointing fingers at our government. People wanted answers for some particular events that happened during the collapse of the Twin Towers. One such event was how quickly the buildings fell. One important thing to remember is that office fires burn at around 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, while steel does not melt until around 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, another important thing is to remember that 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit is enough heat to make steel start to bend. A fact the people that blame President Bush's administration fail to recognize. These people, who call themselves the "Truth Movement", claim that jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel. This is one and only thing they are right about. But the fact remains that the towers fell because of the fire. A fire that was started by jet fuel, ignited on impact with the buildings. So,

Conspiracy Theories 2

after impact and the fire had been burning for a few seconds, the fire reached a temperature of around 1,200 to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit. Then both of the building's structures had been severely impacted. The steel, according to the documentary 9/11 Conspiracy Theories: Fact or Fiction from the History Channel, started bending and the towers collapsed. One more event that sparked attention was what looked like explosions coming from windows. People really thought that the government had wired the buildings with controlled explosives so that they would fall shortly after impact of the jets, as seen in Loose Change and on the website Another fact proven by Popular Mechanics was that as the buildings fell it was not explosives they had seen. In fact, it was air. Air pressure in both the towers was so extremely high from the millions of tons of pressure created by the buildings falling, that the windows were blown out. People on the streets could not see the glass pieces shooting from the windows, but what they saw was dust. Dust they had badly mistaken for an explosion caused by remote detonation. That again was another absurd assumption.

The Pentagon




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