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A Baby's Room

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March 28, 2011

A Baby's Room

I could tell by looking at the room that a baby lived here. As I walked into the room, the warmth radiated from all four walls, entrapping me in a web of love. The sun's rays played on my face as my eyes squint to see the room bathed in a pool of light making the flowers and butterflies with busy patterns of stripes and beautiful colors of the wall paper jump out at me. The crib bedding was delicately patterned with pink paisley, above the crib was green and pink letters spelling out the baby's name, along the crib railing hung a music box that made sounds of singing birds, and sweet lullaby's. A rocking chair sits next to the window with plush pillows that had dainty flowers stitched on them, as I walked further in the room bookshelves lining the left wall, filled with nursery rhyme books. On the other wall were paintings of ducks and bunny rabbits at play that brought a feeling of so much joy. Straight ahead on the floor sat a pink toy box filled with every stuffed animal you could possibly imagine including the two stuffed regal Dalmatians on the floor toys were everywhere. As I left the room, it was as if I had revisited my childhood all over again.



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