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Gerber Organic Baby Food Products for Infants

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Essay Preview: Gerber Organic Baby Food Products for Infants

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B). Marketing Strategy Considerations

a).The Product

- GERBER Organic baby food products for infants.

It is an organic product which sets it apart from conventional baby food products generally available in Serbia. Organic products appeal to a specific part of the population and is very popular with young "Green minded" and health conscious people.

Organic products are proving to be growing very fast in preference to conventional food products. They represent a niche market with large potential for growth. Baby food in particular appeals to the sensitivities of young parents wishing to give their newborn the best chance for a healthy life at the outset. Serbia follows closely the lead of the rest of Europe where organic foods are now very important market segment in consumer preferences.

The products particular attraction points are the brand recognition, ( GERBER the leader in baby food) the organic certification by the USDA ( probably worlds most trusted authority for food products ) GERBER experience already in other European markets as well as Russia.

GERBERS particular strong points are the attractive and functional packaging with clear description of the product and informative labeling.

This is a specialty product which is increasing sold either in specialist shops all together or in special separate sections withing supermarkets and drug stores.

A particular attraction of this product from its business point of view , is the fact that it can be used with the same package and form in the exports markets as well as domestic markets. The only thing is normally required is a label in the local language which can easily be added at the production stage to the export batches.



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