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Benefits of Making Your Own Baby Food

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Essay Preview: Benefits of Making Your Own Baby Food

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Benefits of Making your own Baby food:

Parents all over the world have always relied on jarred baby food. It had always been the easy alternative to convenient feeding. For the past few years, processed baby food has become more and more popular. Everything parents do always revolves around pre-packaged meals for children and themselves. Even with parents who try and make their own food, pre-packaged always comes in when there is really no time in their busy schedule.

Babies usually triple their weight during the first year of their life. If the saying "you are what you eat" is true, then this is the most important time to give your child the most healthiest food. Even though as parents we all know you may not be able to give your child fresh, homemade foods all the time, here are the benefits of when you as a parent make a personal effort.

Homemade foods are much more nutritious than pre-packaged baby foods because it hold more of the nutrients, like vitamin A and B. This is mainly because the homemade food is less processed. Pre-packaged foods needs high heat under pressure in order to properly jar the food. Which means that it uses much more heat than you can generate while cooking at home. Unfortunately, because of the heat much of the nutrients are destroyed.

Some babyhood that is being sold on the market has additives and certain thickening agents like cornstarch, flour and chemically modified starches. Which means, that your child wont be getting the amount of fruit and vegetables as your child would with homemade food. Consumers are also getting less nutrition as we go for more value and money.

By making your own food, you as a parent will know exactly what your child is eating. Which means that consumers will not be blinding you by what your child is eating. It also gets your child to be eating what you are eating, but just in puree format.

You will not have anything added, that was not put there like chemicals or preservatives. You as a parent are not trying to preserve the baby food or disguise the ingredients in your food. Preservatives include partially hydrogenated oils or trans-fats, which are linked to diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Commercial and homemade foods do not relate at all. Fresh and seasonal food, tastes much better. If feeding homemade baby food, your child will really appreciate real food. The child will be growing up with these flavours of foods that they will always enjoy. Jarred food will not always be in every single flavour imaginable, neither is it seasonal. You may miss the opportunity to introduce fruit and vegetable options, which you want your baby to eat later with the rest of the family. Some children get used to bland, smooth, jarred foods and have difficulty being reintroduced to the same real foods and textures later.




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