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A Chief Lieutenant of the Tuskegee Machine

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Essay Preview: A Chief Lieutenant of the Tuskegee Machine

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 Kadijah Walker

Professor Cohen


December 1, 2015

It all started with Dr.David Jacksons book, A Chief Lieutenant of the Tuskegee Machine. This was basically written about the African Americans struggle to prosper in Jim Crow Mississippi. The struggles of African Americans in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, to maintain their autonomy despite monocultural dependence upon cotton and the predatorial behavior of white businessmen and speculators, forms the second. The final tale is the effort of Booker T. Washington's "Tuskegee machine" to support Banks and Mound Bayou despite many setbacks. Together, these stories offer a compelling, lucid picture of black civic leaders eking resources out of the Mound Bayou community, state and federal government, and white philanthropists, all in an effort to define freedom upon their own terms.

Charles Banks and his family was extremly close to the clarks family, and over the Clarks family seems to have grown especially fond of the Charles as wells. The charles unlike many employers allowed their workers to bring their childeren to work with them. There's not many families nor bosses whom allow that to happen now and days. Charles always was a kindhearted person. he showed signs of guarantee satisfication and he left notice upon the Clarks during his youth. The relationship between the Banks family and the Clarks Family was long-standing, touching Charles views on race relation. Charles was the type of person to regularly mentioned the warm relations he had with white friends. He often reminded them they were very clear to him and his family members. The Clarks also played a fantasic part in Banks life. The Clarks supported Banks financially while they where in school. He learned alot about being an entrepreneur and about business management from observing the Clarks. During this time, the Negro elite were a group of black poeople put together back in the old days. They had



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