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Virtual Machine Code Injection Considerations

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Essay Preview: Virtual Machine Code Injection Considerations

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For maximum success in the classroom we recommend you use following procedure:

A) Before teaching the chapter:

Perform a quick review of these questions prior to teaching the chapter

B) While teaching the chapter:

Keep the questions handy to make sure all topics are covered as you teach the corresponding content

C) After administering the chapter exam:

Use the answer key to verify the accuracy of the student's response in the event of a challenge to a grade or question. Remember that dtiMetrics enables you to override a grade if necessary

These exams follow the --Best Practices‖and conventions as applied by Microsoft for all their tests.

 Multiple choice single answer questions always provide for four answer alternatives with clickable radio buttons.

 Multiple choice multiple answer questions provide for a minimum of five answer alternatives if there are two correct answers and a minimum of six answer alternatives if there are three correct answers. These are answered with clickable check boxes.

 Capitalized negatives as in --everything EXCEPT‖ or --which one is NOT‖.

 Interactive tasks such as list and reorder, bull's eye and drag and drop.

End of chapter exams

The end of chapter exams (15 in all), contain 37-39 questions each. Of this total, you will find between 4 and 15 interactive questions in each depending on how well these integrate with the content in the chapter. The examination time is set to 45 min for allend of chapter exams.

Mid-term and Final exams

Additionally one mid-term and one final exam are available. These contain 52 questions each and examination time is 60 min. The mid-term exam covers content taught in chapters 1 - 8. Chapters 1 - 15 are covered in the final exam.

Item/question documentation

In this document you will first find the question. If multiple answers are required this is noted in parenthesis. Correct answers are in bold. The reference to the text where this topic is taught follows. Finally is the exam objective(s) relevant to this question.



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