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A Comparison of Hamlet and Claudius

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Essay Preview: A Comparison of Hamlet and Claudius

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Title: A summary report on my town, Gorey, Co.Wexford.

Author: Craig Bodger

Date: 3/11/10

For the attention of: Link Modules Examiner

Terms of reference: To fulfil the Link Modules requirements

Aims: 1: To investigate the recreational and social areas of Gorey.

2: To gather information on the educational aspects in Gorey.

3: To research the sporting facilities in Gorey.


* Gorey town has a large park with great playgrounds for children. The playground is filled with exciting swings, slides and monkey bars. It is always impeccably kept by the locals and the Wexford Co. Council.

* There are many restaurants in Gorey. There is about 35 restaurants and cafes. They all cater to different tastes and cultures from Italian, Indian, Chinese and the Irish pallet and suit every pocket financially.

* Gorey also has one of the country's leading skate parks. The skate park is filled with state of the art ramps ands bowls. There has been many competitions held in the skate park and some famous skaters has skated there.

* Gorey town has always been well served with primary schools. Recently the uprising in the Irish language has led to the development of a Gaelschool. Educate together was established as a non-denominative school.

* Gorey has the biggest school in Ireland at this moment in time. It currently has over 1600 students and over 150 teachers. It has over 100 classrooms. It has 1 full size soccer pitch and 1 full size GAA pitch. It also has 3 tennis courts and has a up to date gym with a full size basketball court.

* The Adult Education Department at Gorey Community School is a vibrant unit with accredited up-to-date courses, modern technology and professional teaching staff. Adult education provides an opportunity for people to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills and, through improved co-operation and communication. They offer courses such as, childcare, child psychology, reflexology and many more.

* Gorey Celtic Fc is a local soccer club. The club deals with under eights up to adult. They are located on the outskirts of Gorey and have two full size pitches, floodlit astroturf, large clubhouse, a bar and a full size gym.

* Gorey host place to focus martial arts. This is a place where you can train many types of different



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