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A Day at Camp

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A Day at Camp

When I am waking up I don't hear the cars whizzing by. I hear the birds chirping announcing the start of a new day. I almost forget where I am at until I open my eyes and the walls of the room slowly come into view. I have an AH HA moment, I am at camp. I get up and quietly tiptoe to my son's room, and gently close the door. I make my way out the back door and down to the lake. I stare out over the water amazed at the way it holds the trees reflections almost perfectly. I watch as the fish start jumping, leaving ripples in the once smooth waters. From a distance I hear a tiny voice yelling "MOMMY" I turn to see my son Joseph has woken up! I take one last look at the water before I turn and walk back up to the camp, knowing the day no longer belongs to me! I will spend the day with my son Joseph watching him laugh and play and enjoy all that camp has to offer.

Inside the camp Joe has a smile on his face and the container of worms in hand. "It's time to go fishing mommy!" Like a flash he runs to the shed to retrieve his fishing pole. Down on the shore our chairs are waiting for us, their legs buried deep in the sand. We take our seats and Joe hands me a worm; it feels cold and slimy in my hand. I put the worm on the hook, and Joe is ready to start fishing! I sit back, put my feet in the cool water and watch as Joe casts out the line. Without giving the fish a chance to bite the hook, he reels it back in. The fish are safe today! After a while Joe lets me know that he is too hungry to fish anymore. He hands me the fishing pole and the worms and walks back up to camp. Back inside, the coffee pot is gurgling and chugging to life. On the stove the sizzling sausages are filling the air with a hint of maple syrup. After removing the sausages; I crack the eggs in the hot grease. The whites of the eggs bubble and crackle cooking in the hot grease. I flip them over to become the perfect over easy egg. Add coffee and orange juice and breakfast is served.

With his tummy full Joe takes his puppy Bandit outside to play. I stay inside to clean up the mess from breakfast. I smile to myself as I hear Joe outside playing with his puppy. Bandit is barking and Joe is laughing with delight. I finish up the dishes and step out on to the deck for a closer look. I watch Joe hold Bandits favorite toy just out of reach. Bandit is on his hind legs; his long curly black fur bouncing every time he jumps. I can feel the sun beating down on me as the day is rapidly warming up. Bandit decides to give up on his toy and walks down to the water to cool off. After a few sips of water Bandit finds a spot under the deck and with his front paws rapidly digs a small hole and plops down in it with a snort! Joe decides to cool off himself and slowly walks into the water



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