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A Day in Rome

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A day in Rome

I work in the small head-hunting company in London and I best to go to one European city of my choice to recruit customers and I find the price of best has ticket, drank only has has limited budget.

For it I am thus going to choose a country to which I want to go then I am going to compare the prices of tickets to choose then the cheaper ticket.

I chose Italy, because it is the country which interests me a lot, I find that it is a beautiful country, in particular Rome, its capital, that is why I wish to go to Rome. I was thus on various site of ' no frills ' airline companies, to compare the prices(prizes) to leave in two days, in two weeks or in two months. The price of the ticket on easy jet is 119.99€ in 2 days, is 80.99€ in 2 weeks and in 119.00€ in 2 months. On, the ticket is 115 € in 2 days, in 89€ in 2 weeks and in 130€ in 2 months. On bmibaby, the ticket is 99€ in 2 days, in 115€ in 2 weeks and in 120€ in 2 months. And on Ryanair tickets are 117€ in 2 days, in 100€ in 2 weeks and in 125€ in 2 months.

Having to compare the prices, I have to decide to leave in two weeks because the round-trip ticket February 22nd, 2012 on easy, tickets are 80,99€ the round trip during the day while in 2 days they are at least 99€ and in two months tickets the most cheaper on all the sites is 115.99€.



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