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A Flow Cost Model: A Case Study at Volvo Trucks Corporation

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Essay Preview: A Flow Cost Model: A Case Study at Volvo Trucks Corporation

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A flow cost model: a case study at Volvo Trucks Corporation

This master's thesis was carried out at Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo Trucks is one of the world's leading manufactures of heavy trucks and they have always seen the value in having effective material flows in order to succeed ...

Tags: automotive market, Competitive Advantage, logistics, production engineering, volvo trucks

Improvement study of engine finish facility at Perkins Engines

This project provides recommendations for how the engine manufacturer, Perkins Engines, can improve their final assembly and paint process to meet the future demands. The recommendations is based upon analysis of the present conditions and provide the operational capabilities, efficiencies, ...

Tags: 6 sigma, logistics, operational capabilities, perkins engines, sigma methods

E-business Logistics: case studies of collaborative supply chain management within companies in Hong Kong

Logistics issues have always been a critical fact for companies to streamline business costs. With the help of e-business, companies can make revolutionary changes by integrating database systems with each other. The result will strengthen existing partnerships, increase faster response ...

Tags: business logistics, database systems, inventory management, supply chain management

Performance measurement at DHL Solutions: towards an improved perfromance measurement system consisting of relevant and well-designed measures

During the past decades, the competition for many businesses has moved from just being based on price to include such factors as: quality, service innovation and flexibility. Managers keep track of the performance on such factors by means of performance ...

Tags: performance measurement system, service innovation


The Internet has turned out to be an appealing place for doing business, with its unprecedented ability to bring together a large number of buyers and sellers, cover a wide scale of market and automate transaction processes, etc. However, this ...

Tags: brick and mortar, environment influences, feedback systems, information transformation, product quality, transaction processes

Determinants of customer partnering behavior in logistics outsourcing relationships: a relationship marketing perspective

Developing close relationships with third-party logistics providers (3PLs) has been acknowledged in the literature as a beneficial strategy for 3PLs and customer firms. It has been shown that customers embedded in close relationships with 3PLs achieve higher levels of operational ...

Tags: customer characteristics, Customer Retention, Customer Satisfaction, financial performance, outsourcing relationships, Relationship Marketing, third party logistics, third party logistics providers

Direct delivery: a case study on the loading efficiency at the foreign SCA terminals

Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolag, SCA is one of the leading forest industries which produces and sell products like pulp, solid wood, publication paper and personal care products. The distribution and logistic unit of the company is SCA Transforest. The goods are transported ...




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