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A Lesson Learned

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Evelyn Paramo


Period 2

A Lesson Learned

It was an ugly day. It was raining and really cold, so when I got to school I and one of my friends decided to skip first period. I wasn't thinking of the consequences I was didn't wanted to go to class. My friends and I went to one of the restrooms and stayed there for a little then we would go walk around.

First of all my friend and I were just talking about not wanting to go to our first period class so we decided that we were going to ditch first period. Well, it was raining and it was also cold but we still didn't want to go even thought in class we were going to be sitting down and the room was going to be warm. We started walking and talking so we decided to go inside one of the restrooms when we herd George talking to one of the students out side. We got so scared! We thought he was going to hear us and take us to the office and we were going to be in big trouble but we were saved by the bell.

Secondly, my friend and I were talking in break about that we were going to get into big trouble when we would get home. We were just so nervous to get home thinking of some ways to make our parents not answer the phone because they were going to tell them that "you're daughter Evelyn Paramo was today absent for her first period class" I was so nervous I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Sixth period had finally arrived and it was almost time to go home. I was really nervous. I was in my sixth period class math trying to do my work when the bell rang. It was time to go home! When I was on the bus I was with my boyfriend Abel, I told him what I had done and he started telling me that it wasn't ok. I got home like at 3:45. When I opened the door my mom was waiting for me "Evelyn" my mom repeated. I was going straight to my room "Evelyn" my mom screamed. I went with my mom to see what she wanted, so I stood in front of her and she started asking me "why are you skipping classes?" I was so nervous and I was just lying about it but my mom started telling me that I shouldn't cut classes.

In conclusion I really regret cutting classes because if I don't go to all my classes my parents will be really disappointed. I think what I did was really stupid because I don't have to do much at my house all I have to do is to come to school and try hard. School will help me a lot in my future by learning new stuff and getting a better job. I haven't cut classes in a long time and I don't think I will cut classes again because I don't like to see my parents disappointed and also because I



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