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A Life Story

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Essay Preview: A Life Story

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There was o a man who had a beautiful daughter . The young woman was brilliant at dancing but she was suffering from a mysterious disease so she couldn't dance.

Lot of doctors tried to heal it, but in vain. She was tired and very upset of all those medical procedures she decided to left the clinic.

One day, an old man arrived at them's house . He was the hideous man they have ever seen but he knew al the secrets if life. Many neighbours asked him to help the sick woman. The old man gave her a wicker basket with lid and said her to take the present and to look after it so she will heal.

Eager and joyful she opened the cover and was surprised . In that basket she found with amazement and sadness a small because he was more dirty and more suffering than her. The woman left her soul filled with compassion and despite pain, took the child in her arms and began to care for him.

The months went and woman had eyes only for the child. She fed him, comforted him, smiled him ,spoke him with tenderness, even if that caused him great pain and fatigue. Nearly seven years they spent so.

One morning, the child began to smile and go. The woman took him in her arms and began to dance, to laugh and to sing, lightweight and exceedingly beautiful as she hadn't been for a long time.

Without realizing it, she was healed.



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